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Insurance claim can be made in case of injury in going from bedroom to home office, German court decides

German Court on Accident Insurance: A German court has given a verdict regarding accident insurance. According to a report in The Guardian, if a person gets injured while going from his bedroom to office, even if it is the home office, then he can claim for the benefit of ‘accident insurance’, as the person is technically Usually going to work.

During the Corona epidemic, where employees of many companies around the world have been kept at work-from-home, the importance of this decision of the German court has increased. Now it has to be seen how the insurance claim is seen by the German ruler in these circumstances. The Guardian’s report said that this verdict was pronounced on 8 December. The court said that this insurance claim is seen as the first journey in the morning from home to office for work. If someone gets injured during this time, then he can claim for accident insurance.

The matter was about a back injury

It has been said in the report that this matter was about a back injury. When an employee was going from his bedroom to his home office on the floor below, the man slipped off the ladder and got injured. The report said that the court, while pronouncing the verdict, said that the accident happened to the man when he was on his way to his home office in the morning. The court said that usually people start working immediately without having breakfast. However, this statement has not been explained in much detail.

Insurance applicable on first trip to work

The report states that Statutory Accident Insurance is applicable only for the first journey to work. In such a situation, if you have breakfast before going to the home office, then such accident insurance can be denied. It has been said in the media report that the insurance claim of the injured person was refused by the company, after which the matter went to the court. Two lower courts had disagreed on this point. However, the Federal Social Court said that one can get the benefit of the insurance claim on the first morning visit from the bedroom to the home office.

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