Install standard cameras, convenient to reduce costs for transport businesses

The Vietnam Automobile Transport Association has written to remind transport units to urgently install cameras to complete before December 31, and recommends that the camera must meet TCVN.

After the Ministry of Science and Technology promulgated the TCVN National Standard on dash cams and the Ministry of Transport issued the third document urging the installation of cameras on vehicles according to Decree 10, the Vietnam Automobile Transport Association issued a document reminding the The transport unit urgently installs the camera to complete before December 31 and recommends that the camera must meet TCVN.

Technology enterprises have also made efforts to meet the TCVN of the Ministry of Science and Technology, in which the leading enterprises are BA GPS, and BA-SmartCamera has the first product to be certified with TCVN.

A business representative of BA GPS shared that BA-SmartCamera uses a set of 3 microprocessors, GNSS and 4G chips from Qualcomm of the US, uses SSD memory, and has a 24-month warranty. The device connects to a variety of camera receivers with basic resolutions: 720p, 1080p and extended types: 2K, 4K, depending on investment, transmission and storage costs.

Decree 10/2020 stipulates that some types of transport business vehicles must have cameras installed. Many suppliers have entered the market creating fierce competition, so it is forced to innovate technology to meet regulations, price and quality.

The law of competition makes consumers benefit, the installation price of hardware equipment is from 10-12 million/car, now according to research, it is only about 3-5 million/car. The price is no longer a concern, but if you choose the wrong one, you will lose money.

On November 4, 2021, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the TCVN on cruise surveillance cameras. In order to be certified, the product must go through the process of being assessed by the General Department of Metrology and Quality for quality and in accordance with Decree 10 and related documents.

Accordingly, buyers only need to choose products that have been certified by TCVN, instead of having to trust advertising providers completely or having to “brain pain” to read and understand all legal documents that contain many complex techniques. and then self-evaluate.

Mr. Nguyen Van Quyen, Chairman of the Vietnam Automobile Transport Association said, transport units can still choose cameras according to the criteria of Decree 10 and Circular 12. However, installing cameras according to TCVN will be optimal and long-term savings, because it is integrated with 4G technology cruise monitoring device (GSHT), so there is no need to use the old 2G GSHT equipment installed. Therefore, only need to maintain 1 4G simcard, only 1 device must be warranted, reduce battery damage and fuel consumption, in the near future the network operator will cut 2G, it will not be affected.

Mr. Quyen said that for a long time, many transport enterprises were waiting for the standard before choosing. After having the TCVN, businesses will rest assured and install cameras on time before December 31, 2021 as prescribed by the Government.

Sharing the same opinion, representatives of the GSHT Branch – a gathering of businesses providing cameras and GSHT sharing and installing cameras Decree 10 has two trends: Discrete and integrated.

Discrete trends must use 2 devices on the vehicle, including 1 discrete camera device and 1 GSHT device.

Due to the use of 2 devices, the battery is damaged, using 2 SIMs, it costs maintenance… In the near future, the network operator will cut off the 2G signal, and the transport business will have to once again lose the fee to upgrade the GSHT device to 4G.

TCVN follows the integration trend, installing only 1 device on the vehicle, so it can overcome the above disadvantages.

“Some members may have integrated products that meet TCVN, have been registered, tested and certified. Some enterprises do not have enough production capacity and are forced to import, so they cannot take the initiative in software and hardware,” said a representative of the GSHT Branch.

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