Inspired by François Truffaut, Steven Spielberg wants to make a film about his younger years

The American filmmaker wants to dedicate a biopic. There he will discuss his childhood and adolescence. Actress Michelle Williams is in the process of playing her mother.

This beautiful ambition would have been blown to him by François Truffaut who played for him in Encounters of the Third Kind (1977). Legendary American filmmaker Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones, AND, Schindler’s List…) Tackles what might sound like a work of memory by writing a script for a film about his early years spent with his family in Arizona.

The key character of the childhood and adolescence of Spielberg, his mother the pianist Leah Posner (1920 -2017) could be interpreted by the actress Michelle Williams, who had seduced the critics by camping formidably Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn in 2011 under the direction of Simon Curtis.

This is the playwright Tony Kushner, Pulitzer Prize winner for the play Angels in America (1991) and accomplice for nearly twenty years of Steven Spielberg (Munich, Lincoln, West Side Story) who must write the first version of this autobiographical film.

Spielberg is looking for his Jean-Pierre Léaud

Besides Michelle Williams, the choice of young Steven could also prove to be crucial. He will have the exciting task of camping, a self-taught teenager, little attracted by the school system, who will make his first short film at the age of 12. And for now, Spielberg, if we are to believe the first rumors, has not yet found his Jean-Pierre Léaud, the cinematographic double of François Truffaut in his autobiographical pentalogy initiated by The four hundred Blows.

But while waiting to discover Spielberg’s biopic which is due to be released on screens in 2022, lovers of his work will be able to wait while watching the new one. West Side Story, the remake of the film by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, which won no less than ten Oscars in 1962. At that time, Spielberg was only sixteen …

Waiting “ The early years »By Steven Spielberg, Le Figaro presents an excerpt from the fictionalized biopic The four hundred Blows by François Truffaut, who inspired the American filmmaker.

The four hundred Blows by François Truffaut, in 1959, is the director’s first film, which begins the saga of Antoine Doinel, his double on the screen. With Jean-Pierre Léaud, Claire Maurier, Albert Rémy …


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