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Innocent scorched in the fire of war, dozens of Ukrainian civilians killed within hours of Russian invasion

After the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, the whole world is shocked. Russian fighter jets hurled bombs and fired missiles at several cities in Ukraine. Dozens of Ukrainian civilians were killed in this attack. Local people in Ukraine said, dozens of people lost their lives in the very first hour of the Russian attack. Ukrainian President Zelensky’s adviser, Oleksiy Erestovich, said more than 40 soldiers were killed and dozens wounded within hours of the Russian offensive. He also told that 10 civilians were also killed.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian forces were trying to capture the Chernobyl atomic plant. The world’s deadliest nuclear accident occurred at this plant in April 1986, when a nuclear reactor exploded and spread radioactive radiation across Europe. The plant was located 130 kilometers north of Kiev.

The reactor where the explosion took place has been covered with a protective device to prevent radiation leakage and the entire plant has been deactivated. “Our rescuers are giving their lives so that the 1986 tragedy doesn’t happen again,” Zelensky tweeted. He said, ‘This is a declaration of war on the whole of Europe.’

Ukrainians had been warned for the past several weeks that there was going to be war with Russia, but when the attack broke out on Thursday, many did not know how to react.

When Russia attacked, fear spread among the people. Many people even narrated the story of their fear. A missile hit the roof of Mikhail Shcherbakov’s residence in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city. Shcherbakov said, ‘I heard the noise and woke up. I realized it was the sound of a cannonball fired.’ Shcherbakov immediately went to wake his mother, and then there was an explosion nearby.

Civil defense sirens were sounding in the capital Kiev, but the city’s main street Khreshtyak met with a mixed reaction to normalcy with anxiety and fear. In Kiev, there was a long line of cars at the petrol pump in the morning while other cars were seen moving away from the city. Amidst the uncertainty of where to go, many people took shelter in the subway with their belongings.

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