Injections help relieve pain caused by cancer

HanoiThe 62-year-old man, with terminal lung cancer, has metastasized in many places, then pain in the lumbar spine, hip joints can not sit, lie down, eat.

According to the medical record, the man had undergone radiation surgery to treat metastatic brain cancer and treat intestinal obstruction due to jejunal metastasis. On June 7, he was admitted to Friendship Hospital to continue receiving chemotherapy for lung cancer. Two weeks ago, he had severe pain in the lumbar spine, right hip joint. The man couldn’t sit, couldn’t walk on his own, even changing positions while lying down was very painful. Doctors prescribe combination pain relievers, including the narcotic pain reliever morphine, which is a powerful pain reliever but has many side effects. However, the drug had limited effectiveness, the man only had a moment of pain relief, still could not sit up, eat poorly and had trouble sleeping for many days.

Doctor Trinh Tu Tam, Head of Interventional Radiology and Pain Treatment Unit, Friendship Hospital, said on June 28 that the patient was given an epidural injection technique in the lumbar spine under the guidance of the machine. computerized tomography. The patient was injected once on June 15, immediately after that he was able to sit up and walk gently. After 13 days, he ate and slept better, was reduced by about 50% of the combined analgesic dose compared to before the intervention, was healthy enough to continue taking chemotherapy drugs to treat lung cancer.

Doctor Tam explained, epidural injection is a minimally invasive procedure, performed by inserting a small needle into the epidural space, then injecting anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drugs for the purpose of pain relief and anti-inflammatory. . From there, the patient can resume normal activities and receive physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment.

This pain relief technique is similar to an epidural for women giving birth, the only difference is that it has anti-inflammatory drugs. This method is simple and effective in many cases of acute pain, is less invasive, preserves the disc and reduces the need for surgery. The epidural injection technique only performs additional treatment for cancer patients with little response to medical treatment, patients with herniated discs compressing nerve roots; Failure of herniated disc surgery causing chronic back or leg pain or malignant causes narrowing the spinal canal, compressing the nerve root…

Pain is a common clinical symptom in cancer patients. 50% of patients have pain in the early stages, 65-68% of patients have pain in the advanced stages. By the end of the day this rate can be up to 90%. Causes of pain can be caused by tumors, cancer invading bones, nerves, soft tissues, viscera… causing pain that increases gradually, continuously, and persistently.

Pain caused by cancer causes patients to suffer from chronic insomnia, anxiety, sadness, depression, reduced quality of life and activities, physical exhaustion and the risk of premature death. Patients often have to take morphine – a narcotic painkiller, in the long run, the dose must be increased, the analgesic effect of the drug is shortened, the patient still has to endure recurrent pain.

Doctor Tam injects pain relief to the patient. Photo provided by the hospital.



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