Information on PC-Covid has errors, what should people do?

The situation of “stickiness” in data entry in the locality, incorrect declaration, instability when switching apps … are the reasons why some people’s information on PC-Covid is still wrong and lacking.

PC-Covid connects and connects to 4 big data sources

On September 30, the PC-Covid epidemic prevention application was approved by Apple and Google and uploaded to the App Store and Google Play app stores.

As an application that is chaired by 3 ministries of Health, Public Security and TT & TT to deploy under the direction of the Prime Minister, PC-Covid synthesizes existing features of anti-epidemic apps such as NCOVI, Bluezone, VHD… redesigned for the most convenience for users. PC-Covid is basically a combination of features: Medical declaration; Reflect; Scan QR code; Information on injections, tests…

National Center for Technology for Covid-19 Prevention and Control (Technology Center for short), the PC-Covid application operator said: There are 4 important data sources that need to be connected and interconnected with PC-Covid for this application to work properly, meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention as well as needs of the people.

That is, vaccination data from the vaccination management platform, data from the platform that supports taking test samples and returning test results in the electronic form online, social insurance data of people in the community. National insurance database; and data from the National Population Database.

“Up to the present time, these data have been connected, interconnected and technically guaranteed”, representative of the Center for Technology said.

However, over the past time and especially on the first day of the PC-Covid application being available on the Apple Store and CH Play, some people have encountered a situation where information is displayed on this app, including vaccination information. and tests, are inaccurate.

For example: Wrong date of birth, year of birth, wrong phone number, people have had 2 vaccinations but only 1 dose is displayed on PC-Covid, data in the Immunization Health Book and Covid vaccination platform In -19 countries, people have been vaccinated, but on the app, the information shows “No information from vaccination platform”…

Explaining the above cases, the representative of the Technology Center pointed out that there are many reasons why even though people have connected and linked data, personal information, information about vaccinations and tests of people are still missing. have not displayed or displayed incorrectly.

In which, one of the reasons is because PC-Covid has just been converted and upgraded, so there is a lack of technical stability. For example, the process of transitioning and upgrading between applications serves a very large set of users – about 45 million downloads and more than 20 million weekly users in a network environment, which is similar to converting an office in the real world. In the real world, a representative of the Technology Center said that in the first day of conversion, it was inevitable that the system would have reduced performance and the data could not be synchronized.

The process of converting application files to PC-Covid may result in people’s data not being synchronized.

For the convenience of people, Bluezone and NCOVI applications will automatically update personal information, vaccination data, and testing from databases and platforms to PC-Covid. According to preliminary statistics, on the first day PC-Covid was available on app stores, there were 1.7 million queries for systems. “When converting several tens of millions of users, the data of these users is unified from many systems. And as a result, there may be a lack of data synchronization in the beginning.”, the representative of the Technology Center stated.

To solve the above problem, the Technology Center team was on duty all night on September 30 to upgrade and transform the infrastructure, and on October 1, there were still some minor problems. But PC-Covid operation, data synchronization has been much improved compared to the first day this application was put on the Apple Store and CH Play.

Information on PC-Covid has errors, what should people do?

On the other hand, a closer analysis of the fact that despite the connection and connection between the systems, personal data as well as vaccination and test information of many people are still not standard. This is because there is a phase and so far there are still vaccination and testing facilities that do not use technology platforms, still manually manipulate data stored on paper, or files. Excel.

After that, the data from paper copies and Excel files of these institutions are carried out “push import”, “retrospective import” into the platforms. Representative of the Technology Center commented: “Medical facilities use the technology platform from the beginning, the data is definitely accurate. However, due to the situation of “sticky rice”, people’s data entered from the paper version into the platform will be prone to errors and inaccuracies..

Specifically, the umbrella vaccination management platform has been used by 63/63 localities to varying degrees. However, in the localities, there is still a large percentage of “purchasing” data, digitizing data from hard copies.

With a support platform for taking samples and returning test results in an electronic online form, by the beginning of September, only 18 provinces and cities have implemented it to varying degrees, and 28 have plans to use it. Thus, there are still many provinces and cities that have not used the platform yet, and are managing the testing work manually with paper data and Excel files.

Why is the information about vaccination and testing on PC-Covid not correct?
The vaccination management platform has been deployed to varying degrees by 63 localities.

In addition, in the context of medical facilities prioritizing rapid injection and rapid testing, in fact there have been many cases where people did not correctly declare their personal information, leading to the fact that when updating, injection data, testing test also does not display properly.

Confirming that the information errors of the people have been, are and will be handled, the representative of the Technology Center added: “There is now a channel to reflect vaccination data. It is expected that early next week, there will be a channel to reflect on PC-Covid. At that time, if they find that the information is wrong, people can also report it to the platform and the Center will mobilize forces to handle it.”

Van Anh

Coming soon a platform that allows people to reflect on PC-Covid

Coming soon a platform that allows people to reflect on PC-Covid

According to the representative of the Ministry of Information and Communications, in order for PC-Covid and technology platforms to come into deeper life, a tool to reflect and receive users’ feedback on this epidemic prevention application is being built and tested. .


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