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Inflation hit in Sri Lanka, tomatoes 200 rupees a kg and chillies beyond 700, milk prices also wildly

Sri Lanka Vegetable Price Hike: India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka is on the verge of bankruptcy. At this time in Sri Lanka, there is a tremendous jump in the prices of daily food items. Here food and drink have become expensive by 15 percent in a month. The price of 100 grams of chili has increased to Rs 71, that is, now one kg of chili is being sold for more than Rs 700. The price of chillies has increased by more than 250 per cent in a month.

The increase in the price of vegetables has had a big impact on the lives of common people. Sri Lanka, a country with a population of about 22 million, is currently facing the biggest economic crisis in its history. By the end of November its foreign exchange reserves had fallen to about $1.6 billion, enough to pay for only a few weeks’ worth of imports.

Due to which the government was forced to restrict the import of many essential items, due to which the shortage of food and essential goods in Sri Lanka increased and due to this the items of essential necessities have become very expensive.

In Sri Lanka, in the last four months, the price of a standard LPG cylinder is estimated to have increased by about 85%. Due to non-importation in Sri Lanka, there has been a huge increase in the prices of milk. According to a news agency, Sri Lanka depends on imports for a large quantity of food grains in its country, but at present Sri Lanka is facing a shortage of foreign exchange. Which has a direct impact on his food requirements.

vegetables price in sri lanka

Brinjal – Rs 160 / kg
Bitter gourd – Rs 160 / kg
Bhindi – Rs 200/kg
Tomato – Rs.200/kg
Cabbage – Rs 240/kg
Beans- Rs 320/kg

Experts said that Sri Lanka earned about $ 4 billion from tourism in 2019, but due to the global pandemic, it has been affected by about 90%, due to which the economy has also weakened significantly. Talking to a news agency, 31-year-old Niluka Dilrukshi says that earlier she used to give fish and vegetables to her children every day. Now we are giving them a vegetable with rice. He told that earlier we used to eat thrice a day but now sometimes we are able to eat only twice.

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