Industry: job losses continue in 2021


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The precariousness of employment in industry continued quietly despite the health crisis, from Nokia to Michelin to Danone.

Social plans have been accumulating for over a year. Nokia will cut 831 jobs in Essonne and 400 in Côtes-d’Armor. For employees, the health crisis is just an excuse. The crisis has a good back ”, deplores Jacques Godineau, from the CFDT Nokia. Multinational in the food industry making profits, Danone will cut its workforce. In France, between 400 and 500 jobs will disappear.

Michelin will cut 2,300 jobs in its 15 French sites, i.e. 11% of the group’s workforce. For the company Hop!, a just over 1,000 jobs will disappear and 750 at Sanofi. In 2020, France lost some 800,000 jobs. For 2021, the Banque de France plans to destroy 350,000 jobs. Finally, the unemployment rate could reach 11% in the first semester.

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