Individual speculative fever falls on Wall Street

Posted on Apr 8, 2021, 5:00 PMUpdated on Apr 8, 2021, 5:08 PM

Has the WallStreetBets army of stock marketers retired? The speculative frenzy of American individuals has slowed down in recent weeks. This relaxation is all the more surprising given that many American households have just received new direct aid of 1,400 dollars: previous payments had led to a rebound in American interest in the stock market. But with the vaccination campaign already well advanced across the Atlantic, speculation is gradually becoming a hobby like any other.

Research carried out by American Internet users on stock brokerage has fallen sharply since the end of January and the soaring price of GameStop, according to Google Trends. Robinhood, the pioneering zero commission online brokerage, was the most downloaded app on iPhone at the end of January. In recent days, it ranked under the 100 most popular, according to the specialized site Sensor Tower. The easing can be seen directly in the volumes of shares traded. Since the peak of over 23 billion reached on January 26, daily volumes have been declining. On Wednesday, for the first time this year, they fell below 10 billion.

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