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Indiscriminate firing in California, USA, 6 people killed, more than 9 injured

Six people were killed and at least nine were injured in a shooting in the busy area of ​​Sacramento, the capital of the US state of California. Sacramento Police gave this information. The Sacramento Police Department said the shooting occurred on Sunday morning. In a video shared on Twitter, people were seen running on the streets while gunshots could be heard in the background. Several ambulances were also seen leaving on the spot.

The police did not elaborate on the incident, but said in a tweet that a large number of police forces have been deployed at the scene. Contacted Sacramento Police over the phone, but no response yet. There are many restaurants and bars at the place where the firing incident took place. People have been asked to refrain from going towards the spot.

Community activist Berry Ocuise said he rushed to the scene immediately after the shooting. He said, “I saw many injured. Blood was pouring out of a girl’s body. A girl was shouting that her sister had been shot. A woman was searching for her son.

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