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Indication of reduction in corruption in India, India ranked 86 from number 80 in Corruption Perception Index

Corruption Perception Index (CPI) India has slipped 6 places to number 86. Transparency International for the year 2020 on Thursday (Ti) Corruption Perception Index was released. In which this information came out. Prior to this, India was ranked 80 in the ranking released in 2019. The report said that India is still far behind in the corruption index.

180 countries are ranked

In the Corruption Perception Index, rank is issued based on the level of corruption in the public sector in 180 countries. A scale from zero to 100 is used in this. The country with zero score is considered the most corrupt and the country with 100 score is considered the cleanest. India has a score of 40 and is ranked 86 out of 180 countries. In 2019, India had a score of 41 and was ranked 80. In this ranking, China is ranked 78th, Pakistan 124th and Nepal 117th. According to a survey by Transparency International, two-thirds of the countries scored less than 50 out of 100 and scored 43 on average.

Kovid-19 emphasized in Corruption Perception Index

Corruption Perception Index This year, there was a lot of emphasis on corruption in dealing with the Kovid-19 epidemic in Transparency International. The report of the organization revealed that the countries where corruption is least, they were the best in dealing with the Corona virus and economic challenges. At the same time, countries where corruption is very high were less able to deal with the corona virus. According to Transparency International chairperson Delia Ferreria Rubio, “The Corona epidemic is not only a health and economic crisis but also a corruption crisis, we are failing to handle it.”

Corruption is lowest in New Zealand and Denmark

New Zealand and Denmark topped the corruption corruption index this year in the lowest corruption cases. Both of them scored 88 out of 100. After this, Singapore, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden have scored 85 points. At the same time, Norway got 84, Netherlands got 82, Germany and Luxembourg got 80 points. All these countries are in the top 10. According to the index, corruption situation in Somalia and South Sudan is very bad. Both countries finished at the bottom 179th position with 12 points.

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