Indiana Jones 5: Harrison Ford himself announces the release date of this final episode

At 79, the actor puts on the adventurer’s hat one last time for a feature film directed by James Mangold, with Steven Spielberg in production.

Whip attached to the belt, hat and leather boots… The archaeologist Indiana Jones is back for the fifth and final part of the saga created in 1981. Finally, for who can wait a little longer. The feature film was announced for July 27, then disappeared from cinema shelves. Without Paramount giving an explanation. The surprise therefore came from Harrison Ford himself, on the stage at the Star Wars Celebration evening, who was able to warn fans: the fifth episode of the adventures of Indiana Jones will be broadcast on June 28, 2023. With a year of late anyway.

“We return to the spirit of the first two films, that of the original Indy, with something dense and epic. It feels like it’s a Steven Spielberg movie, but it’s James Mangold who did it, following the same vision”confided in April Mads Mikkelsen to HollywoodReporter. Actor of this final part, he also specified that the director was strongly inspired “from the golden period of the 1940s series”, which was already one of the common threads of the first two episodes.

This return to basics is underlined by the photography shared for the promotion of the film. We see the archaeologist walking on a bridge in the half-light of a cave, a reference to the first scene of the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Harrison Ford digitally rejuvenated?

In June 2021, as the cast continued filming the film in England, several photos circulated on social networks and intrigued the general public. On one of them, Harrison Ford appears with his face dotted with blackheads. Perhaps sensors used by the special effects teams to rejuvenate the face of the main actor, who will turn 80 in July.

The sets in North Yorkshire were also not lost on fans who were able to see a train emblazoned with Nazi insignia. Indiana Jones will therefore perhaps again fight the henchmen of the Third Reich as in the past.

Steven Spielberg was scheduled to direct the feature film as for the four previous parts. But the 75-year-old director was finally relegated to producing the fifth installment, co-written by Philip Kaufman and George Lucas. James Mangold, to whom we owe the films Identity (2003), Logan (2017) and Le Mans 66 (2019), took up the torch. The music will be provided by John Williams, resident composer of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, recognized for his musical work on the saga. Star Wars and the first three installments of the franchise Harry Potter.

Only Harrison Ford returns to the cast after the catastrophic fourth episode, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), which had cost, at the very least, between 300 and 400 million dollars at Paramount for barely 790 million in revenue. Newcomers include Phoebe Waller-Bridge, spotted in Iron Woman (2011), Mads Mikkelsen, one of the actors in the films King Arthur (2003) and Casino Royale (2006), as well as Thomas Kretschmann, Boyd Holbrook, Shaunette Renee Wilson, Antonio Banderas and Toby Jones. Without knowing what exact roles are assigned to them.


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