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Indian students who returned to India from Ukraine said – the day the flight was on, the airport was attacked

Ukraine Russia War: Russia is continuously attacking Ukraine’s largest city Kyiv. In such a situation, the students who returned to India from Kyiv have breathed a sigh of relief after reaching their homes. Harman and Shivani, trapped in Kyiv for several days, have returned to India today. While talking to the media, Harman told that there was an attack on the airport on the day he had his flight. He told, “We had left for Kyiv from Kharkiv that at the same time we came to know that there was a blast.

Herman told that his uncle lives in Kyiv. He helped them and got them a hotel and they stayed there on the 28th. At the same time, Shivani said, earlier it was being said that there is no Indian Aloud in the train, then we were told by the Indian Embassy that 3 bogies of the train have been booked, after which we caught the train and left for another place and reached the border. While talking to Shivani’s father told that, there was an Indian businessman Gupta ji who helped Indian students a lot. He said that the kind of help the children should have got from the authority there was not given that kind of help.

Russian troops captured the city of Kherson

Let us tell you, Russian soldiers are targeting different cities of Ukraine. Big buildings and school buildings are also being attacked. The city of Kherson has been taken over by Russian troops. However, in many places the invaders have faced fierce resistance from Ukraine. According to Ukrainian officials, the port city of Mariupol is being bombed continuously. Several people were killed in an airstrike on an apartment block in Chernihiv on Friday.

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