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Indian-origin flag hoisted in America, Natasha Perry joins the list of ‘talented’ students

New Delhi: Indian-American student Natasha Perry has been declared the most talented student in the world. 11-year-old Natasha Perry was given the title after the results of high grade-level tests among 19,000 students from 84 countries. After getting the title, he became the ‘Most Talented’ in the world. List of students has been included. This title has been given to Natasha by the Johns Hopkins Center. 

After awarding the title to Natasha, Johns Hopkins CTY said, “Natasha Perry, a student of Thelma L. Sandmeer Elementary School, has been given this honor as part of the talent search. He has been given this honor for his exceptional performance.”

Let the Johns Hopkins CTY use this grade-level test to identify talented students from around the world and expose their true academic abilities to the world.

After the result, Natasha Perry said, “This result motivates me to do better.” Regarding further studies, Natasha said, “For more than doodling and reading JRR Tolkien’s novels.” My job could be easier.”

According to the information, the mathematical quantitative section of the Johns Hopkins CTY test measures the ability to see the relationship between the quantities expressed. It also assesses the understanding of the meanings and relationships between words and words.

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