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Indian food made a splash in Master Chef Australia, dal and roti also became a hit

MasterChef Australia: The 13th season of Master Chef Australia is over. Justin Narayan, a Fijian citizen of Indian origin, won the title of this competition. This time many unique things were seen in the competition, which you will be surprised to hear. In the 13th season of Master Safe Australia, desi Indian food was well received. Even dal roti won the hearts of the judges this season. The special thing is that Asian food got a lot of importance in the competition this time.

Asian food preference
Usually, European food was given the most importance in this competition, but this time there was a lot of enthusiasm among the judges about Asian food. Home-cooked food was liked more in this season. Special attention was paid to fruits and vegetables. Hindustani spices caught everyone’s attention in the competition. The judges liked Hindustani Curry Masala the most.

Fruit and vegetable dish
This season of Master Chef Australia, the judges asked the contestants to make great dishes from the fruits and vegetables grown there. Along with this, he was inspired to make food related to his heritage. In this competition, all the contestants made headlines with their food.

Hindustani Curry Masala Hua Famous
Although this time everyone impressed the judges with their food, but most of the headlines were made by Kishwar of Bangladesh, who showed his talent by cooking South Asian food. He added garam masala and Hindustani curry masala to his food, which added aroma to the food and was highly praised by the judges. Overall, this time the Asian cuisine was dominated by the contestants.

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