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Indian diplomats open letter to Canadian government, Trudeau government shows mirror on votebank politics

new Delhi: More than 20 Indian diplomats have put Canada in the dock by writing an open letter on the Canadian leg of India on internal affairs. Not only this, this group of former Indian ambassadors has not only questioned the patronage of Khalistani elements in Canada. Instead of adopting a double attitude under the guise of friendly relations, have also taken a dig at them.

In this open letter led by former diplomat Vishnu Prakash, India’s High Commissioner to Canada, the Canadian government has been accused of doing votebank politics. This joint letter of 22 diplomats, including Prakash, who was a spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs, said that the Indo-Canadian relations are prone to tension due to the vote-bank politics of some Canadian political parties and their leaders. Indian diplomats get thick funding from Canadian Khalistani elements in Canada’s political parties and leaders. In view of this, many connivance with Pakistani diplomats and Khalistani terrorist elements in Canada is also ignored.

It is important that the activity of Khalistani elements in Canada was reported in a public report on terrorist threats in Canada. However, in the context of pressure from Khalistani elements in the politics of Canada, the information given in this regard was removed. Significantly, in the past, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made comments expressing concern about India’s farmer movement. The Government of India rejected it outright and said that it was based on wrong facts and was not necessary. Former Indian diplomats said in their open letter that if the Canadian PM is so worried, then why is his country among the most vocal opponents of government support in Indian agricultural schemes in the World Trade Organization?

This group of ambassadors showed a mirror to Canada and said that they have made laws here, ignoring the opposition of local people for the use of natural resources. At the same time, by communicating with the farmers on behalf of the government in India, it ignores the attempts to find a solution. In a conversation with ABP News, Vishnu Prakash says that the statements made by the Canadian PM Air leaders in India on the peasant movement are governed not by their sympathy but by politics. India is the world’s largest populous democracy and it cannot be denied that there is a process of dialogue to resolve any differences and also adequate institutions for settlement of disputes.

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