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India ranks number 86 in Kovid-19 Response Index, New Zealand, Vietnam and Taiwan top the list of 98 countries

The list of countries that have successfully dealt with the corona virus epidemic and performed poorly has been released on Thursday. India has ranked 86 in the Corona Virus Performance Index of 98 countries. New Zealand, Vietnam and Taiwan rank first, second and third in the list of countries successfully facing the crisis. The US was ranked 94th in the index based on the fight against the epidemic. Among South Asian countries, Sri Lanka got 10th rank in terms of performance, Maldives 25, Pakistan 69, Nepal 70 and Bangladesh 84.

India at number 86 in Kovid-19 Response Index

The index has been prepared by the Lowy Institute, an international independent think tank based in Sydney. For this, countries were classified into broad categories based on region, political system, population size and economic development. Six different indices were measured, including corona virus positive cases, deaths per million population, and percentage of corona virus screening cases. Comparison data on publicly available and Kovid-19 responses were included in the index and averaged across the indices and each country was scored between 0–100.

New Zealand, Vietnam and Taiwan top 3 in 98 countries

Researchers ranked 0 score as the worst performance and 100 score as the most outstanding performance. New Zealand scored the highest score of 94. 4, followed by Vietnam with 90.8, Taiwan with 86.4 and Thailand with 84.2. Brazil was given the lowest score of 4.3. Mexico, Colombia, Iran and the US were also placed among the lower five countries in terms of performance. India scored 24. 3 on the basis of performance in dealing with the corona virus epidemic.

The Lowy Institute excluded China from the list due to lack of data. According to the report, Britain is ranked 66th better than India and America is also in the list of five worst performing countries. The think tank said in a statement that developing countries were able to withstand the initial outbreak of the virus ‘surprisingly’ compared to developed countries, but rich countries were easily ‘suppressed’ to deal with the initial cases of epidemics.

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