India conducts searches of many Huawei headquarters

The country’s income tax administration has raided multiple headquarters of telecommunications equipment maker Huawei as part of a tax investigation, an Indian government source said.

The investigation was conducted at Huawei’s headquarters in New Delhi, Gurugram city and technology hub Bengaluru on February 15, the source said.

India conducts searches of many Huawei headquarters

This incident comes just a day after government sources told Reuters that India has blocked access to 54 mobile applications, mostly Chinese, due to concerns about national security concerns.

Information from India’s PTI news agency said that officials from the Income Tax Department of India had reviewed Huawei’s financial documents, account books, company records, transactions with businesses. India and overseas transactions, some related records were also seized.

In a statement, Huawei said: “We have been informed of the investigation by the tax authorities and their meeting with some of our personnel.”

“Huawei is confident that our operations in India are always in strict compliance with all laws and regulations. We will contact the relevant government departments for more information and fully cooperate in accordance with the rules and regulations,” the Huawei representative added.

Last year, the Indian government removed Huawei from a list of foreign network equipment suppliers allowed to conduct 5G trials in one of the world’s largest markets in terms of mobile phone users.

Phan Van Hoa(According to Reuters)

US eases Huawei sanctions

US eases Huawei sanctions

Huawei is benefiting from the easing of US sanctions against them as the country has granted billions of dollars in licenses to the Chinese corporation between November 2020 and April 2021.


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