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Increased pressure on hospitals due to increase in Omicron cases in Australia, nightclubs closed in New South Wales

Australia Corona Omicron: Cases of Kovid-19 are also increasing rapidly in Australia. More than 23 thousand new cases have been registered in New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state. The number of corona infected patients in hospitals is increasing continuously and the burden on the hospitals is increasing. The state government is making continuous efforts to reduce the pressure on the hospitals. At present, along with canceling non-essential surgeries, many more restrictions are being considered to be reinstated.

Corona havoc in New South Wales

Australia’s New South Wales state is badly affected by the Omicron variant of the corona virus. In New South Wales, there has been a significant increase in cases of Omicron infection in the last few days. Due to the testing facilities, record daily cases of infection have been registered in the hospitals. The number of people admitted to hospitals in New South Wales with COVID-19 has nearly doubled to a record 1609 in just one week. The state had around 150 daily cases at the end of November, when the first Omicron variant case was detected. On Thursday, this figure increased to close to 35,000.

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Advice to go to hospital only when absolutely necessary

According to media reports, many more restrictions will be imposed in many more states including New South Wales, including cancellation of non-essential surgeries. Nightclubs will be closed. The seating capacity in cafes and restaurants will be limited. While singing and dancing are prohibited in pubs. Although lockdown has not been considered yet. According to the information, instead of lockdown, emphasis is being given on safety measures so that the spread of infection can be prevented in a better way. New South Wales Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chant recently urged people not to go to the hospital unless absolutely necessary. A large number of health workers have also been infected, which has increased the pressure on hospitals.


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