Increase in wages in the cleaning sector: “Companies are ready to go further except that we can only give what we have”

The employees “of the second line” praised by the President of the Republic during the first confinement are still awaiting the promised recognition. The cleaning companies are prepared to increase their wages, provided that theThe State, local authorities and public hospitals, their main clients, are no longer slashing prices.

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A year and a half after the start of the Covid-19 health crisis, the 4.6 million so-called “second line” employees are still awaiting the salary recognition promised by Emmanuel Macron. Under the impetus of the Ministry of Labor, several professional branches have started to work on the issue of wages, working conditions, career development or training. This is the case of the cleaning sector, which employs half a million people.

Next year, cleaning employees will therefore benefit from a small increase: the basic hourly wage will go from 10.56 euros to 10.73 euros, or 17 cents more for a full-time employee. The annual premium will be increased to 225 euros, which is 50 euros more. The transport premium increases by 9%. This branch agreement was signed by FO and the CGT, but not by the CFDT which considers it “indecent”. Philippe Jouanny, the president of the Federation of cleaning companies defends himself: “We have signed a number of agreements which affect the improvement of the working conditions of our employees this year, on training, on wages. The cleaning companies are ready to go further except that we do not can only give what we have. “

Because to change the situation, those who buy cleaning services must stop slashing prices. Primary targets: the State, local authorities and public hospitals. What recognizes Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor. “It is important that buyers, whether public or private, be careful to have social clauses in their calls for tenders, so as not to ultimately choose the lowest bidder. We will work with the cleaning sector which has proposals to be made. In any case, the will of the government is clearly to ensure that these markets do not pull prices and therefore working conditions down “ , assures the minister.

To change practices, the principals committed to this on Wednesday by signing a charter. the “greater use of daytime / continuous work” and active struggle “against the logic of the lowest bidder, by favoring the offers which offer the most innovations on social aspects and societal contribution by paying them at the right price” are part of the commitments made.

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