Increase in the number of auto-entrepreneurs: “The phenomenon is not new” and “tends to explode” in times of crisis, according to the FNAE

The number of business start-ups increased by 4% in 2020 compared to 2019, reaching a new record, according to INSEE. This increase is mainly due to individual businesses registered under the micro-entrepreneur regime.

For Grégoire Leclercq, president of the National Federation of Self-Employed (FNAE), invited Wednesday February 3 on franceinfo, “It is a phenomenon which is not new. And it is also often in times of crisis that this indicator tends to explode”. He explains this phenomenon by the fact “in times of crisis, traditional employment, salaried employment is destroyed”.

“A certain number of employees, who were permanently installed in the labor market, find themselves on the floor. Some are trying to relaunch themselves with the creation of independent work companies.”

Grégoire Leclercq, President of the FNAE

to franceinfo

Grégoire Leclercq also sees “a source of opportunity” in the crisis, especially with home delivery activities. “It gave ideas to a number of entrepreneurs, explains the president of the FNAE. A number of designers have said to themselves, I am embarking on an activity that is certainly difficult, but which is booming. And I am part of an activity around personal service, delivery “.

In 2020, France recorded 22,400 business creations under the micro-entrepreneur regime. “It was already a trend that existed since 2018-2019, specifies Grégoire Leclercq. We already had strong growth in these sectors. “ But the president of the FNAE calls “to caution” because “these activities will obviously have difficulty in maintaining themselves over time”. If it appears legitimate “to ride a wave, which we understand completely, linked to the health activity of the moment”, he draws attention to the fact that “The sustainability of companies that are created in times of crisis and in a very specific sector is quite questionable in the long term. And therefore, its creators will have to ask themselves the question of what they become behind, of what they become after “.

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