INA launches its first political program: “The candidates do not know what images they are going to see”, assures its president Laurent Vallet

Yannick Jadot will premiere this new political meeting, Thursday March 18 from 6 p.m. on and the social networks of the National Audiovisual Institute (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram). Every day, a candidate for the presidential election will come to DNAINA’s first political program. All agreed to be immersed in a bath of archives and to react to it, alone on the set, in the dark, guided by the voice of journalist Patrick Cohen.

Everyone reacts in very different ways.

Laurent Vallet, President of INA


Laurent Vallet, the president of INA says that “some or some, faced with these images, bring what they see more to their commitments or their programs. Others, on the contrary, go more intimate, they reveal to us sometimes unknown elements of their personality”.

He takes the example of Jean Lassalle, candidate of Résistons! in the presidential election “discovers images that, oddly, he did not know. He was not yet mayor, we see him at the head of a large herd in the midst of transhumance, he has a mustache and a beret. See you again 25 years ago years, it has rather led him to the field of intimacy and confidence more than to the field of politics”. Laurent Vallet promises that “candidates don’t know in advance what images they are going to see. That’s the game!”

With its 22 million hours of archived images and sounds, the INA has enough to feed TV channels and radio stations for their broadcasts, but also, increasingly, to become a media itself. And so create their own shows.

So why not carry on DNA after the presidential election? “Absolutely! If success is there, the idea is to decline the show with actors from public life, sportsmen. We would offer them a step aside and a kind of depth of field that is not always the one offered to them in other formats”.

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