In Toulouse, video tutorials to improve the well-being of teleworking employees


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How to break the loneliness and sedentary lifestyle associated with teleworking? In Toulouse, a start-up specializing in sports coaching offers companies tutorials for their employees. Small videos that give posture and exercise advice to improve their well-being. #IlsOntLaSolution

Five years ago, Paul Marini, osteopath, and Bruno Dalla Riva, physical trainer, created their business of sports lessons and coaching. Disrupted by the health crisis, their activity has focused for several months on occupational health. The two partners had the idea of ​​offering companies video tutorials to improve the well-being of their employees, especially those working from home. “These tutorials will allow us to give tools to employees in order to raise their awareness and educate them about the role their anatomy plays in bad postures.“, specifies Paul Marini.

Faced with growing demand, the two partners hired seven people to follow the movement. The last step in their new orientation towards the business world: the creation of a mobile application for smartphones. Each employee can access practical advice and short physical exercises to improve their posture and limit the damage caused by teleworking for many employees.

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