In Toulon, business leaders put on boxing gloves to work on surpassing oneself



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In a ring as in the business world, surpassing oneself is essential. To be convinced of this, a dozen entrepreneurs from Var took part in a training session with boxing pros. Objective: work on your mind to cope with pressure. #TheyHaveTheSolution

To surpass oneself, to manage one’s stress, not to give up, essential qualities when it comes to getting into a ring. Qualities also very useful in the business world. This is the message sent by professional boxers from a Toulon club to entrepreneurs: “We are here to make them understand that, even if we are not in their comfort zone, it is at this precise moment that we must grit our teeth, and it is at this precise moment that the we become productive. Above all, never give up, the mind is very important“, explains David Vaubien, trainer at ASCM boxing Toulon.

The apprentice boxers of the day are members of a network of business leaders in the region. And it was its director Thierry Scriva who had the idea of ​​offering this immersion in the world of boxing, seeing in it some similarities with the job of an entrepreneur: “The link between boxing and the business world is that a boxer never becomes a champion alone, he needs his team. The entrepreneur is exactly the same, to achieve his objectives, he needs his team“. And with a mind of steel.

Sport is increasingly present in the business world. And many of them now call on sports coaches to support managerial programs and cohesion sessions between employees. But also to prevent the risks associated with the activity, as in a branch of a famous equipment rental brand in the North, which offers volunteers muscle warm-up sessions before starting their working day. Ten minutes, twice a week. It’s good for the body, but also for the morale. In short, a good way to prevent accidents, as the director of the agency points out in this report from France 3.


Simple exercises, adapted to the specificities of the company for more efficiency, as Pierre Ponchaux, sports coach, points out: “We will consciously repeat movement mechanics, to transcribe them unconsciously on the workstation”.

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