In the Vosges, a vacuum bag factory manufactures FFP2 masks


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In the Vosges, a vacuum cleaner bag company also manufactures FFP2 masks from non-woven fabrics. Since December 2020, it has produced 900,000 every month. #IlsOntLaSolution

Since 1973, this Vosges factory has been manufacturing vacuum cleaner bags for all brands of household appliances. For this, it uses spools of non-woven fabrics which are also used to manufacture, since the pandemic, the much sought-after FFP2 masks. The manufacturing principle is the same.

Going from the bag to the mask, ultimately, they are the same components with a number of different layers, a different mix.

Philippe bothier

Commercial director of Fackelmann company

These are robots that manufacture these FFP2 masks on production lines. But the quality of these products is checked manually. Elastic and filtration control. The company guarantees the customer reliable protection.

We also have the laboratory control which will take samples every thirty minutes in order to measure the filtering power and breathability of our mask.

Alexandre Bastien Head of production

In recent days with the outbreak of the Omicron variant, the demand for FFP2 masks has exploded. The company will increase the production rate: 1.2 million masks every month. But she is not sure that she can fill all the commands.


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