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In the UK, people under 30 years of age will not be given the vaccine for AstraZeneca Vaccine, know what is the reason

After taking the Corona vaccine in Britain, 19 people died due to rare blood clotting. In view of this, a government committee advising coronovirus vaccination has said that people under 30 years of age should be given alternative to AstraZeneca vaccine. In fact, the drug regulatory body MHRA has said in the country that the second option should be provided to the 18-29 year olds by not giving them the AstraZeneca vaccine.

There have been 79 cases of blood clotting in the country.

According to the information, during the investigation by the institution, it was found that after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine, a total of 79 cases of blood clotting were reported in the UK. Out of which 19 people have died. Significantly, three of those who died from clotting were under 30 years of age. After this, questions were also raised on the AstraZeneca vaccine in many countries of Europe.

18 to 29 years Second vaccine should be given to adults under the age of

During a press conference, V Shane Lim of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization stated that, “Adults who are between 18 and 29 years old and have an underlying health condition will receive an alternative to the AstraZeneca vaccine, the COVID-19 vaccine.” Should be offered where such an alternative vaccine is available. “

At the same time, it has also been said by the regulator that there is no strong evidence about clotting, but its connection with the vaccine is getting deeper. For this reason, the use of other vaccines is being recommended.

AstraZeneca vaccine has been given to 20 million people in the UK

According to the regulator, the vaccine has many benefits in view of corona infection. Significantly, so far in the UK two crore people have been given the AstraZeneca vaccine. Only 79 of these people have complained of clotting in the brain or arteries. This means that out of 2.50 lakh people, only one person has made this complaint, which is rare.

Let us know that the AstraZeneca vaccine is being manufactured by the Serum Institute in Pune under the name of “Kovishield”. This is one of the two vaccines that have been approved by the Drug Regulator of India in January this year.

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