In the midst of crossing the desert, the popess of tech Cathie Wood retains her faithful

Like the conductor of the Titanic, Cathie Wood continues to play her part in the midst of the sinking of her strategies. ARK Innovation, the flagship of its range, has plunged more than 55% since the start of the year, and nearly 70% since its peak in February 2021. But the star manager, recognized for her daring bets on the “technological disruptions”, still ensures the show despite the immense losses accumulated by its funds with the bursting of the tech bubble on the stock market.

“Spoiljoys categorize Zoom as unprofitable tech stocks, conceptual stocks, and telecommuting stocks,” she tweeted recently as the video conferencing specialist’s stock plummeted 75% since July. latest. “Like Microsoft, we believe Zoom will be a major beneficiary of the first major enterprise communications update cycle since the early 1990s, a $1.5 trillion market. »

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