In the Doubs, a solidarity bell to save the Obertino artisanal foundry

For lack of agricultural competitions, the Obertino foundry hardly manufactures collars or bells for cows any more. Unheard of for this company, founded in 1931, whose reputation extends beyond the borders of the Doubs. “In 42 years of profession, I have never been confronted with such a situation”, says, in despair, one of the foundry employees.

On Obertino’s Facebook page, Siv-Chheng Tiva, who bought the family business in 2018, does not hide his concern either. “Events, such as birthdays, weddings, baptisms, sports competitions are all canceled. Today, we have no orders on the horizon”, she writes.

So in order not to see this historic company and its ancestral know-how disappear, a solidarity bell will be put on sale. This idea was launched by farmers attached to the Obertino foundry. Everyone can come and buy it at the store. A solidarity gesture to overcome a difficult course and celebrate the site’s centenary in 2031.

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