In space, no one will hear Thomas Pesquet scream: Pierre Niney sends his thriller to the ISS

The actor forwarded a copy of Black Box to the French astronaut, who currently heads the International Space Station

French actor Pierre Niney announced on his Twitter account on Wednesday that he had sent a copy of the film Black Box to Thomas Pesquet, currently on a mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS). “Black Box is 1st at the box office… in space !!! At the request of the ISS teams, we sent the film on board! I hope you like Thomas Pesquet!

Still showing, the film is directed by Yann Gozlan, and Pierre Niney plays the leading role. A film that he can watch with his colleagues on board the station

The second film to make the trip

This is not the first film Thomas Pesquet has received in space. In July, the astronaut was able to discover Kaamelott: First Stream, when it was released in theaters on earth. This feat was the culmination of a petition signed a few months earlier by fans of the series, for “make Kaamelott the first film with space exclusivity. “

Black Box features Pierre Niney in the role of an aeronautical technician in charge of investigating the crash of a Paris-Dubai flight in the Alps. The man analyzes the black boxes and takes it into his head to establish the truth at all costs, even if it means carrying out his own investigation.

Since the beginning of October, Thomas Pesquet has been the first Frenchman in history to lead the International Space Station. Its Alpha mission is expected to end in mid-November, after more than six months in zero gravity.


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