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In primary school, nearly one in two principals are insulted

This is an alarming observation drawn by Georges Fotinos, former Inspector General of National Education. His study, conducted among 2,953 school directors for the Federation of Departmental Delegates for National Education, affirms that 44% of them were insulted and that 5% of them were hit during of the year 2020-2021.

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An impressive figure but not new according to him. The study he did in 2018 already revealed that 40% of managers were victims of insults. “We don’t often talk about violence in primary school and the ministry has recently taken an interest in it. Yet it has been around for years. » Laurent Hoefman, president of the National Schools Union (SNE), shares this observation: “Being a director myself, I know how it goes and feedback from the field confirms it: verbal attacks are frequent. »

Explosion of disputes

Georges Fotinos notes, however, some recent developments, such as the explosion of conflicts between directors and parents with the health crisis. Thus 47% of the civil servants questioned note an increase in disputes over the year 2020-2021. “The closure of schools and the vague health protocol accentuate tense relations. The scapegoat is the director and it is towards him that we will let off steam, “ abounds Laurent Hoefman. Certainly, the director understands the annoyance of the families. Corn “this does not justify violent behavior”, he adds, even proposing sanctions against the families. “The ministry must also give directors more means to act and better protect themselves,” he demands.

Other novelties pointed out by the study: acts of cyber-violence against school principals, also very sharply increasing since the health crisis. And attacks on secularism, especially in kindergarten says Georges Fotinos. In his survey, he specifies that the presentation and explanation of the Charter of Secularism to parents are absent in 4 out of 10 schools. “A hindrance to the harmonious functioning of the educational community”, he judges.

Build trust

Faced with the resurgence of these acts, the former Inspector General proposes to strengthen the bond of trust with the parents, by involving them more in the life of the school thanks to “concrete joint projects”. For example, he imagines a day before the start of the school year when parents and officials could share activities ” to know better each other “.

Confidence also requires a better understanding “vocabulary and the internal functioning of the school”, underlines again Georges Fotinos who wants to be optimistic: “The solutions are always in the collective. »


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