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In Orleans, the controversial opening of a faculty of medicine by the University of Zagreb

This is an unprecedented partnership in France. Serge Grouard, the LR mayor of Orléans (Loiret), has just signed with the University of Zagreb (Croatia) to train future doctors in the Centre-Val de Loire, in addition to the university course in Tours (Indre-et- Loire). This announcement, at the end of January, took everyone by surprise. It aims to put “the State and the University of Toursfacing their responsibilities. announces the aedile.

Serge Grouard does not digest that Orléans is “the only regional capital without a faculty of medicine “, in a region that points “in last place for medical demography in France”.

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In his department, 150,000 inhabitants (i.e. 24% of the population) would not be followed by a general practitioner. With this new partnership, the elected official says he has found “a concrete and credible alternative, legally bounded, which does not bother anyone and which does not require any external funding” to train around fifty doctors from the start of the school year in September 2022.

It will then be a question of increasing in power. Because, by the very admission of its dean of medicine, the University of Tours is not in a position to train more than 300 doctors each year, when at least 500 are needed to cover regional needs. he advances. The Croatian university will deliver distance courses, in English, for around €12,000 per year and per student.

Training “at a discount”

This resounding announcement, which was not the subject of any consultation with the public authorities, “taken aback by form and content” Professor Patrice Diot, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Tours and President of the National Conference of Deans of Medicine. ” As head of medical training in France, I can only be reserved by such a partnership, which goes beyond the usual academic framework. »

Éric Blond and Pierre Giacometti, the deans of the universities of Tours and Orléans, also expressed, in the same press release, their “concern about such a project (…) which is part of an economic model (likely) to lead to a social divide that all the recent reforms are trying to reduce”.

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They fear, moreover, a formation ” cheap “, putting aside “essential disciplines such as immunology (Who) will no longer be part of compulsory education”. Accusations categorically denied by the mayor of Orléans, shocked by these false allegations, discrediting the University of Zagreb, which is a public university ranked at 525and world rank – of the Shanghai ranking –, while the University of Tours is positioned at 831and rank of this same classification”, he compares.

Special budget to financially support candidates

To open up the training to as many candidates as possible, “ regardless of their social conditions. he finally promises that his municipal council will vote a special budget to financially support the students selected by competition. In return for these scholarships, they must commit to settling in Orléans or in the department for a period of at least five years.

The Ministry of Health did not react to the announcement of this iconoclastic project, which revives, on the eve of the presidential election, the debate on medical demography in rural and peri-urban areas.


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