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In Myanmar, the army gunned down 30 including elderly women and children, later burnt the bodies.

Myanmar Violence: Tension has been brewing in Myanmar since violence broke out. More than 30 people, including women and children, were killed and later their bodies were burnt in the conflict-ridden Kaya State. A local resident, media reports and a local human rights group have given this information. The Kareni Human Rights Group said they had found the charred bodies of internally displaced people. The group claimed that Myanmar’s ruling army opened fire on elderly, women and children near Mo So village in Hpruso city.

Photos showed charred remains of bodies on burnt trucks and beds

The group said in a Facebook post, "We strongly condemn the inhuman and brutal killings that violate human rights.’’ Images shared by human rights groups and local media showed charred remains of bodies on charred trucks and beds.

Hundreds flee to Thailand after army airstrikes

Myanmar’s military launched airstrikes on a small town controlled by the ethnic Karen community leading a guerrilla war, driving hundreds of people across a river to flee to Thailand. Government forces targeted Le Kaew, a small town near the Thailand border under the control of Karen guerrillas. They are demanding greater autonomy from the Myanmar government.


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