In Marseille, express training in the profession of waiter to boost events



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Like restaurants, caterers specializing in events have great difficulty in recruiting. As the season approaches, an interim company in the sector has decided to offer training in the basics of the waiter profession to around fifty students in Marseille, who are sure to get contracts this summer, in particular during major events such as the French Grand Prix de Formula 1 or the Mondial de pétanque. #IlsOntLaSolution

Like 50 other students looking for a job for the summer, Anna, 20, a business school student, has 1h30 to learn the basics of the waiter profession. An express training that will allow her to work during the summer in the event sector, she who had been looking for a small job for weeks and was beginning to despair. “I started looking in April for a job this summer, but nobody knows where they’re going and people don’t necessarily want to spend the money hiring students.”

At the origin of this initiative, an interim company specializing in the hotel and catering industry and events, with a front row seat to see the difficulties faced by professionals in the sector in recruiting. With this formula, it will be able to offer its customers these new recruits. A hell of a challenge according to Cédric Agniel, an experienced butler, who came to provide them with his professional advice: “We are going to give them the keys and the tools so that they can start up and take positions with event caterers, that is what is important. We do not pretend to make them rank managers, that is what is important. it is a real training, today we initiate them “.

Learn to set a table, to serve food and drinks, but also how to behave in a situation. Bases that will allow them in a few days to win their first contracts for extras during major events that will take place in the region such as the Formula 1 French Grand Prix at Castellet (Var) or the Mondial de pétanque, but also in weddings and other private events.

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