In Lyon, professional kitchens for rent are in full swing


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The concept of professional kitchens without a room – dark kitchen – has gained momentum since the Covid crisis and the explosion in home meal deliveries. In Lyon, a start-up has specialized in the rental of these ready-to-use kitchens. #IlsOntLaSolution

There are no tables or chairs here, the kitchens simply accommodate delivery people who come to pick up orders. Created in Villeurbanne (Lyon metropolitan area), by three friends who graduated from the Vatel school in Bordeaux, Food’Lab provides restaurateurs, caterers and food trucks with professional equipped kitchens. Everyone has their space to prepare their dishes which will then be delivered.

Twelve laboratories are already rented. A solution to launch your activity, far from the constraints of a traditional business. For young chefs who hesitate to open their establishment, this is an opportunity to test themselves, before embarking on the adventure. “The advantage is that it allows me to launch my project smoothly without taking too many risks, and also to make myself known »Rejoices David Siong, the manager of a Japanese restaurant.

For 1,500 euros per month, the three creators offer 23 m2 mini-kitchens with the latest hygiene and safety standards. Tenants will also find rest rooms and changing rooms. The engagement period is short, one year maximum. ” Our kitchens are semi-equipped, all that is storage and cooking is the responsibility of the restaurateur. We really take care of heavy equipment »Explains Raphaël Roques, one of the three co-founders of Food’Lab.

By the end of 2021, three new Food’Labs should see the light of day in France. The Lyon start-up also plans to set up its own delivery service by the fall.

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