In Lyon, an IT company switches to a 4-day week without lowering wages

It is a surprising decision at first glance. In a Lyon-based IT company, IT Partner, employees will now work less … for the same salary. IT Partner employees have thus switched to a weekly working time of 32 hours, compared to 35 hours before this collective agreement is validated. Above all, they will have 47 more days of rest per year, in return for an extension of the working time by 30 minutes per day.

“The bet we are making is that individual well-being brings collective performance. We will probably lose profitability in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd month perhaps, but then I am convinced that we will be able to gain new customers, new files “, explains Abnénour Aïn-Seba, Managing Director of IT Partner.

To adapt to this 4-day week, the organization of work has been rethought. “We tried to do without a person for a day and that it does not impact the customers”, notes Frédéric Mesestation, manager for 23 years in this company.

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