In Gironde, a start-up transforms human urine into agricultural fertilizer

Used for centuries and then abandoned, the use of human urine in agriculture is on the way to making a comeback. In Gironde, the company Toopi Organics has embarked on the collection and development of this seemingly inexhaustible resource. It has developed a process to transform it into a biostimulant capable of replacing conventional fertilizers. An idea born from an observation for its founder Michael Roes: The urine really looks like a substrate for growing bacteria, so we did some testing to see if the bacteria actually grew on it. “

Once the urine is collected, it is stabilized in large stainless steel tanks with lactic acid. No deterioration of the raw material, no odors, the transformation can begin to obtain this totally natural fertilizer, and profitable since a liter of transformed urine gives a liter of fertilizer.

It’s a bit like making wine and beer. Urine is our support, we add a source of sugar, we add the bacteria we want to grow and we raise the temperature to ferment. This gives a concentrate of bacteria that have grown on the urine.

Michael roes

President of Toopi Organics

Urine is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which is the NPK triptych essential for soil and crop fertilization. And the culture tests conducted by the company are proving more than conclusive. In some cases, the yield is even 10% higher compared to chemical fertilizers from mineral extraction and the petroleum industry.

This green solution to stop polluting the soil has already attracted many investors and is now also of interest to the pharmaceutical industry. In the meantime, the Girondine start-up is on the way to succeeding in its bet, from next year, 300 production units will be set up all over France.

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