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In France, a person was accused of ‘needle attack’, in 2022 100 such incidents have come to the fore

Needle Attacks In France: French prosecutors have charged a 20-year-old man in southern France in connection with a new incident of needle attacks. The man was arrested on Sunday. About 20 people were reported to have been injured by needles during the filming of a televised concert on a Riviera beach in Toulon on Friday evening. A woman was admitted to the hospital after this incident.

Prosecutors in Toulon said the suspect was identified by two women who said he attempted to attack them. The suspect was then charged with serious and premeditated armed violence.

Suspect denying allegations
Toulon prosecutor Samuel Finialz said, “At the current stage of the investigation, the suspect has vehemently denied the allegations, but judging by the testimony of the witness, the prosecutor’s office believes that the case should be opened and a judge (to accuse). There is sufficient evidence to present it before him).” The attacks in Toulon occurred during a live recording of the show “The Song of the Year” for the TF1 channel, which was broadcast on Saturday night.

So far 100 such incidents have come to the fore in 2022.
Since the beginning of the year, there have been at least 100 incidents of young people being hit by needles at nightclubs and festivals. New attacks were reported at two concerts over the weekend. A festival in Belfort, eastern France, recorded six complaints from teens aged 17-18 who said they experienced sudden severe pain in the hands or arms.

At the same time, 7 people were reported to have needle injuries at a festival in Vic-Fezensac, south-west France. Here the police arrested a person. Local prosecutor Jacques-एडdouard Andrault gave information.

Most of the victims of attacks are young women
Most of the victims of these attacks are young women. They often report the sudden onset of similar symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and severe pain – and later discover a needle prick on their skin.

Cases registered in different cities of the country
Cases of needle attacks have been registered in different cities of the country. Authorities have advised all victims to undergo blood tests and some have been given preventive treatment for HIV and hepatitis. It does not appear that the victims have been injected with toxic substances or drugs.

The police usually struggle to identify the perpetrators or determine what is actually being used, a syringe or a simple pin.

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