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In France, a couple bought a kitten but a little tiger came out of the box

Paris: A strange incident occurred in France with a couple. This couple wanted to raise a badge in their house. He spent 6 thousand euro online and bought a cat. When his house was delivered and he opened the box, his senses flew away. There was not a cat in the box but a tiger of three months.

They felt strange when the couple licked the cat for two weeks. He said that we thought it was some wild animal. Finally, when they came to know that it was a tiger baby, they contacted the police. In this case of the year 2018, there was a long investigation for two years and now the decision has come.

The couple claimed that they did not realize that their cat was actually a Sumatra tiger from Indonesia. Let us tell you, cats are accepted as pets, tigers are a protected species that cannot be kept as pets without proper documentation and permits. They cannot be taken without paperwork.

According to the local report, the case came to light recently when nine people, including a couple who bought a big cat, were arrested. The couple were accused of smuggling protected species and were later released by the police. Prosecutors have accused the other suspects of animal trafficking and organized crime.

At the moment it is not clear how this animal arrived in France. The video was revealed before it was bought by Kapal. The animal appears to be in good health and has been assigned to the French Biodiversity Office. Eventually the tiger baby has found a new home.


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