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In Chicago, a couple gave a tip of 2 thousand dollars to the restaurant, will be surprised to know the reason

Some restaurants are very special for some couples. Actually, they remind these couples of some beautiful moments they spent there. These couples often visit their favorite restaurant not only for their food and ambience but also to spend a few moments of peace. Often tip is given after spending a good time and eating delicious food. Everyone tips the restaurant staff to the best of their ability. But a couple in Chicago decided to set a record in case of giving tip. In fact, the couple gave a tip of 2 thousand dollars to the hotel staff. At the same time, the hotel has shared a copy of the bill on social media, which is becoming quite viral.

Couple is coming on same date in restaurant for 20 years

Significantly, the couple giving a tip of $ 2000 in the restaurant has been going to the restaurant for 20 years at the same date and time. The couple met for the first time in Club Lucky 20 years ago. Since their first date on February 12, the couple is visiting this restaurant named Club Lucky for their date night at booth number 46 at 7.30 pm every year and here they spend quality time with each other. . At the same time, the staff of the restaurant also forms part of this couple’s golden pal.

The restaurant shared the copy of the bill on social media

After receiving such a big tip, a food joint named Club Lucky shared the copy of the bill on social media and also shared the beautiful reason behind it. Right now the copy of the bill is becoming quite viral on social media. At the same time, such a big tip received by the couple has been distributed among the staff of the restaurant. Everyone is appreciating this move of the couple. The owner of the restaurant, Jim Hingis, says that this tip will be quite useful in the difficult situation arising after the corona virus epidemic.

Her memories of a couple in a restaurant are precious

This restaurant has become very special for this Chicago couple. For this reason, he left a tip of $ 2000 after having dinner in a restaurant on February 12. These are approximately Rs 1,45,730 in Indian currency. Paying so much money to the tip is surprising everyone, but for this couple, who are in love, their golden memories spent in the restaurant are very important and the tip amount is modest.

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