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School or company catering services are often synonymous with plastic waste. The company “Uzaje” has found the solution to reduce them: to offer reusable contents and to ensure their cleaning. #TheyHaveTheSolution

Reducing disposables in collective kitchens, this is the mission that the young shoot has given itself Uzaje. Its operation is simple: offer reusable containers to catering companies and take care of the cleaning. A feat possible thanks to giant washing centers. Glass, stainless steel or reusable plastic containers are collected from companies, then cleaned in sorts of large dishwashers.

These machines are more water and energy efficient than conventional cleaning. While using exclusively eco-labeled washing products. On the strength of their success, after Île-de-France, Uzaje opens its second washing center in France, in Avignon.

A more ecological alternative that appeals to professionals in the sector. The latter will have to stop the use of disposable plastic containers in 2025, within the framework of the Egalim law. “These companies must appropriate this transition to reuse, there are pioneering areas such as babywearing for seniors. Since 2022, they have stopped single-use trays“, explains François Satin, commercial director ofUzaje.

Collective catering in France represents more than 80,000 restaurants, distributing nearly 4 billion meals each year, according to the National Center for Territorial Public Service. Uzaje plans to multiply its washing centers in France and ultimately avoid the production of more than 28,000 tonnes of waste.


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