In Alsace, this 100% digital company has completely banned paper



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Banning paper, here is the challenge successfully taken up in Ostwald by the Viwametal factory, specializing in metal processing. The company has won a label. For its employees, the advantages of all digital are multiple. #IlsOntLaSolution

Since 2017, the company Viwametal, based in Ostwald near Strasbourg and specializing in sheet cutting, has reduced its paper consumption by four. Screens have indeed definitely replaced traditional sheets of paper. From order entry to invoice through industrial production, everything has been computerized. Gradual change, service after service. What to facilitate the task of the employees.

In less than five years, the family business has created a digital suite to complete its hitherto insufficient organization. All its staff have been trained in the new tools. The main objective is to respond to growing complexity and guarantee better responsiveness in an increasingly complicated market. Beyond the ecological aspect, the effects of this digitization are multiple: optimization of employees’ working time, reduction of deadlines, better connectivity of workshops.

Like 92 other French companies, Viwametal has since December 2020 been labeled “Industry Showcase of the Future” by the Alliance Industrie du futur (AIF). A target of 100 companies must be reached at the start of 2021 as part of an action plan for industrial transformation through digital technology and the industry of the future. Since its transformation, the Alsatian company has become an advisor to other structures for their digital transformation.

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