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Imran turned down the demand of the opposition, said – due to foreign policy public cannot do conspiracy letter

The Prime Minister of Pakistan had mentioned an anonymous letter containing conspiracy in his rally recently. He had said that a conspiracy has been hatched from abroad to remove him from power. He has a letter in which all the secrets are hidden. Now the opposition has surrounded him regarding this letter. The opposition says that Imran Khan should make this letter public. Seeing himself surrounded, Imran Khan has argued about it. He says that in view of foreign policy, he cannot share this letter publicly. His government has offered to share it with the Chief Justice.

‘I will fulfill my promise not to bow my head before anyone’

In a conversation with reporters, Imran Khan told that he wants to reveal all the conspiracy to share it with the Chief Justice. He said that even in the past, global powers have been trying to influence governments in Pakistan. He will fulfill his promise of not bowing his head in front of anyone. He said that the no-confidence motion will fail. He also told that Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) MPs are in touch with him and very soon he will join the government.

‘Hard decisions have to be taken for big goals’

On the question of giving the post of Punjab CM to Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q), Imran Khan said that he took this decision after much deliberation. To achieve a big goal, tough decisions have to be taken. On the other hand, Union Minister Asad Umar in the Imran Khan government also spoke to reporters and said that Imran Khan is ready to share that conspiracy letter with Chief Justice Omar Ata Bandiyal. PM has shared this letter with army officers and cabinet members.

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