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Imran Khan’s government in trouble! 24 MPs of PTI took a big decision before the no-confidence motion

The clouds of crisis are hovering over the Imran Khan government of Pakistan. Before the no-confidence motion, 24 MPs of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have taken shelter at Sindh House in Islamabad. According to Geo News, PTI’s disgruntled National Assembly member Raja Riyaz on Wednesday claimed that if PM Imran Khan assures all MNAs that no action will be taken against those who decide to vote against him on the day of the no-confidence motion , then they are ready to return to the Parliament Lodge.

Talking to Geo News, PTI MNA Malik Nawab Sher Wasir and Riyaz said that about 24 members of PTI are currently living in Sindh House. Riyaz further said that many more ministers are ready to come here. Riyaz, a member of the Jahangir Tareen group, told Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir that dissident members would vote for a no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan according to their discretion.

MPs living in Sindh House due to fear

Malik Nawab Sher Wasir also said that he will not contest the next general election on a PTI ticket. Riyaz claimed that there are 24 members living in Sindh House. At the same time, Hamid Mir said that according to his count, 20 PTI are present in MNA Sindh House. The senior journalist said that many disgruntled leaders are evading cameras, however, he added that all of them have confirmed that they are staying in Sindh House out of fear.

Hamid Mir said that the disgruntled members feared that the government would act against them on the lines of police raids on Parliament premises on March 10. Let us inform that voting is proposed on March 27 on the no-confidence motion presented in the Parliament against the Imran Khan government. After the no-confidence motion, political activity has increased in Pakistan.

what do the figures say

For a no-confidence motion to be successful, it needs the support of a majority of 172 members out of a total of 342 members in the lower house of parliament. Imran Khan still enjoys a majority in the National Assembly, which includes 155 members of his PTI and 23 members of coalition partners.

The opposition has 163 members. The opposition is hoping that some disgruntled legislators from the ruling coalition will support Imran Khan in toppling his government. The cricketer-turned-politician came to power in 2018 and the next general election is to be held in 2023.

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