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Imran Khan said – Pakistan and India can resolve the dispute through dialogue

Colombo: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that Kashmir only has a ‘dispute’ with India and it can be resolved through talks. Addressing the Sri Lankan-Pakistan Trade and Investment Conference, Khan said that he had offered India to hold peace talks when he was elected Prime Minister in 2018 but nothing happened.

Imran Khan co-chaired the conference with Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. He said, “Our dispute is only on Kashmir and it can be resolved through talks”. Earlier this month, India said that it wanted to normalize relations with Pakistan in an atmosphere free of terror, violence and instability. is.

Imran Khan said, “As soon as I came to power, I contacted my neighbor India and told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the differences of the two countries can be resolved through negotiations.”

He said, “I did not get success but I hope you will understand.” Poverty can be eradicated in the subcontinent only by increasing trade relations. India has said that it is the responsibility of Pakistan to create an environment free from terror and instability.

Khan is the first head of state to visit Sri Lanka since the Kovid-19 epidemic. He said that good relations between neighboring countries in the region will help in creating a business friendly environment by maintaining political stability which will ultimately benefit the people.

Rauf Hakim, leader of the Sri Lankan Muslim Congress, the main party of Muslims, said that he had a meaningful discussion with Khan. He said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan expressed confidence in the ability of Muslim leaders to create communal harmony in Sri Lanka.

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