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Imran Khan praised India, said- India is a self-respecting country, no one can show its eyes

Imran Khan Address to Nation: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation on Friday night amid the threat on the chair. During this, once again he did evil to America and read ballads in praise of India. A day before the vote on the no-confidence motion, Imran Khan praised India in his address to the country and said that India is a self-respecting country.

Imran said that no superpower has the courage to conspire against India. He said that our foreign policy should be free. He again said that our foreign policy should be like that of India. Imran Khan said that no other country has the courage against India to say anything against it. No one can show India an eye.

Imran Khan once again took the name of America and accused it of conspiracy. Imran Khan said that because of the secret code, he cannot keep the conspiracy letter in front of the public. He told that it was written in the letter that Imran Khan cannot forgive. Imran Khan said that we are 22 crore people. Somebody is giving orders to 22 crore people that if your Prime Minister survives then you will have to face the consequences. Imran Khan said that a few months ago the diplomats of America were meeting our people.

Imran Khan said that I am not anti-American, but I am against conspiracy. He said that America conspired against Pakistan. Our ambassador spoke to the US ambassador. Imran Khan said that Shahbaz Sharif was aware of everything. Imran Khan said that we take money, so we are not respected. He said that the opposition leaders are greedy for dollars. Now the community has to decide whether it should protect its religion.

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