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Imran Khan plans to buy ‘Chand from Chavanni’, Pak PM will rent bungalow to raise money

New Delhi: Pakistan, sometimes extending its helping hand from China, sometimes Turkey, has decided to be self-reliant and has found a unique way of economic self-reliance. Imran Khan, who talks big, is being made fun of because of his decision.  Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to rent government accommodation to the common people. Now people will be able to rent it here for other events including cultural, fashion and educational programs.

Bani Gala State is spread over 7 and a half acres, Bani Gala is on the top of the mountain from where beautiful valleys are spread all around. There is a Botanical Garden in Bani Gala as well as a lake is also present. Equipped with swimming pool, tennis court and other amenities, Gala is also called the most luxurious bungalow in Pakistan. 

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