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Imran Khan earned so many crores by selling three expensive watches, foreign leaders had gifted them

Islamabad: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan earned Rs 3.6 crore by illegally selling three expensive watches as gifts from foreign leaders. This information has been given in a media news on Wednesday.

According to official investigation details shared with Geo News, Khan has earned crores of rupees from these precious gemstone-studded watches during his tenure as Prime Minister. Whose total cost is Rs 15.4 crores. It has been said in the news that the cost of the most expensive watch was Rs 10.1 crore, which the former Prime Minister has kept with him by paying 20 percent of its price.

Imran government had changed the rules
Earlier, his government had changed the ‘Toshakhana’ rules and decided that gifts could be retained by paying 50 per cent of the original price. According to the law of Pakistan, any gift received from foreign leaders has to be deposited in the government treasury.

Instead of buying, the former cricketer sold watches first
The news quoted documents and sales receipts as saying that instead of buying these precious watches from Toshakhana with his own money, the former cricketer first sold the watches and deposited 20 per cent of the value of each watch in the government treasury.

Apparently the gifts were never deposited in Toshakhana. It is necessary for any government official to immediately inform about the gift received so that its value can be assessed. If any officer wants to keep the gift with him, he can first deposit it and then take it after paying a fixed price.

A watch was sold in January 2019
Toshakhana documents show that Khan earned Rs 3.6 crore by selling these expensive watches that were given to him by the Allies of the Gulf. A watch was sold on 22 January 2019. Earlier, the then PTI government had amended the rules and fixed the price of holding any gift from 20 percent to 50 percent of its fixed value.

The 69-year-old Khan, who heads the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI), had earlier said during an informal interaction with journalists, “Mera tohfa meri marzi”. The matter came to the fore when Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif had said that Khan had sold Toshakhana gifts in Dubai for Rs 14 crore during his tenure.

Imran Khan said attack on the government
Meanwhile, accusing the current coalition government of corruption, Khan said on Tuesday that the country’s economy can recover only if the billions of dollars stashed abroad by the Zardari and Sharif families are brought back.

Reiterating the demand for a fair and transparent general election, the former Prime Minister said that this is the only way to bring the country out of political turmoil.

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