Impressive products at the German technology fair IFA 2022

Smartphones, headphones, wearables to laptops… from famous brands are all present in this world-class event.

The German technology fair IFA 2022 officially opened in Berlin on September 2, after a year delay due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is one of the largest technology events in the world with the participation of more than 1,100 exhibitors from many countries.

The event is expected to last until Tuesday (September 6), below are the most impressive technology products at the event (according to votes from Android Authority) so far.


At IFA 2022, Honor announced the mid-range smartphone that represents its brand – Honor 70. It is the first phone with the Sony IMX800 image sensor. Impressive design and reasonable price made the product really stand out in this event.

Honor 70 – Photo: Android Authority

At just $546 (8GB + 128GB) and $596 (8GB + 256GB) the Honor 70 makes a wise investment in these inflationary times. The product is now available on Honor’s homepage.

Sony 5 IV – Photo: Android Authority

Announced right before the event, Sony has launched Xperia 5 IV (a compact, low-cost version of Xperia 1 IV). Although smaller than 1 IV, 5 IV has a larger capacity and battery to maximize the needs of 4K 120 FPS video recording, in addition, the machine also supports the ability to focus on eyes. The product will be available for sale on Amazon at the end of September.


Fitbit Sense 2 is one of the most awaited “tech toys” for the new wearable product line. The watch features a new continuous electrical skin activity (cEDA) sensor for automatic stress testing. With a refined user interface and a great price tag ($299), this is a must-have wearable. Sense 2 will go on sale September 23, along with pre-orders.

Firrbit Sense 2 – Photo: Android Authority

Huawei also did not give up when introducing the Huawei Watch D. In addition to the usual health parameters measurement functions, the Watch D also supports blood pressure measurement thanks to the bracelet that acts as an air bag. blood pressure.

Huawei Watch D. Photo: Android Authority

The product is a major breakthrough in personal healthcare technology, plus the Watch D has received regulatory approval to be sold in Europe.


This year, Asus continues to launch its second folding laptop model – Asus Zenbook 17 Fold. The laptop smoothly transitions from a 17-inch tablet to a 12.5-inch laptop, while still being incredibly luxurious. The product will be priced from 3,499 USD.

Asus Zenbook 17 Fold – Photo: Android Authority

After kicking off the foldable laptop category in 2019, Lenovo has introduced a follow-up to the first 13-inch X1 Fold (2020) with the new 16-inch X1 Fold. The new X1 Fold is priced from $2,499 and is expected to go on sale in November 2022.

Lenovo X1 Fold – Photo: Android Authority


Prominent in this category is Urbanista’s Phoenix headphones. With the philosophy of never letting the user’s headset run out of battery. Phoenix features a groundbreaking Powerfoyle solar cell that recharges the charging case when exposed to any form of light.

Phoenix – Photo: Android Authority

If the light isn’t enough to sustain the charging case’s power, you can still listen to music comfortably with the battery capacity on the charging case that can provide up to 32 hours of music playback for the headphones.

MSI Immerse GH40 – Photo: Android Authority

MSI introduced the Immerse GH40 gaming headset, the first to feature ENC noise cancellation technology for the ultimate gaming experience, making you a champion in every game.

Thai Hoang (TPig Android Authority)


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