Impressive figures on Vietnam’s digital transformation in 2020

Although the Covid-19 translation is complicated, negatively affecting the socio-economic development of the world, Vietnam is still controlling well and taking advantage of opportunities to break through and promote the implementation of the Transformation. country number.

Sharing at the Conference on summarizing the work in 2020 and implementing the tasks in 2021 of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Mr. Do Cong Anh – Deputy Director of the Department of Information Technology (Ministry of Information and Communications) said, one of the successes Vietnam’s largest in 2020 is the comprehensive universalization of awareness about digital transformation for the society. During the Covid-19 epidemic, the level of interest and learning about Digital Transformation has also increased 10 times compared to the beginning of 2020.

This is reflected in the participation of the entire population against the Covid-19 epidemic. Statistics show that 23 million people have applied technology to fight the epidemic. This will be the core population force, playing an important role in spreading digital transformation to the entire society.

Mr. Do Cong Anh – Deputy Director in charge of operating the Department of Computerization (Ministry of Information and Communications). Photo: Trong Dat

In the health sector, Vietnam has deployed more than 1,500 connected remote clinics, deployed medical facility management software covering 12,000 medical stations. Without remote examination and treatment, the referral takes 6 hours and the patient can die.

In the education sector, the education and training sector database has information on 53,000 schools, 1.4 million teachers, and 23 million students. 80% of students studied online during the peak period of the Covid-19 pandemic, higher than the national average of 67.15%.

Impressive figures on Vietnam's digital transformation in 2020
Education and online meeting platforms have been widely disseminated in Vietnam in 2020.

Vietnam has also piloted commune-level digital transformation. This is a very important pilot model because it directly concerns the people. The results show that the technology platforms are available, very cheap, even free, it is important that we find the right problem to apply the solving technology, Mr. Do Cong Anh said.

2020 is also the year when many important foundations for Digital Transformation are formed. According to statistics of the Department of Computerization, 38 Make in Vietnam digital transformation platforms will be launched in 2020 in a variety of fields, from government, health, education, tourism, commerce, ….

Many of these platforms have been highly appreciated by the jury of the Make in Vietnam Awards, Viet Solutions, … These will be important platforms for digital government.

Impressive figures on Vietnam's digital transformation in 2020
The Viet Solution award seeks to find a national digital transformation solution organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications. Photo: Trong Dat

In order to solve the problems encountered by a number of ministries, branches and localities when implementing digital transformation, the Ministry of Information and Communications has issued a Digital Transformation Handbook, developed a Model Resolution, a Model Strategy to guide localities. The Ministry of Information and Communications has built a portfolio of Make in Vietnam platforms, maintained Technology Friday to continuously introduce / launch platforms.

According to the representative of the Department of Computerization, digital transformation must start from the pain, from the painful problems faced by the ministries and localities. If you are having difficulties, when conducting digital conversion, you will see the results immediately.

To realize the country’s development aspirations, Vietnam must quickly seize opportunities and implement the digital transformation faster and more comprehensively. In 2021, the Ministry of Information and Communications determined to speed up the implementation of digital transformation in all industries, fields, all organizations, businesses and each locality.

In the next year, ministries, branches and localities must fulfill the basic targets of e-government, provide 100% of online public services at level 4 to move to building digital government. Completed, put into operation and used nationwide 2 large national databases, population and land.

Impressive figures on Vietnam's digital transformation in 2020
Vietnam will actively transform digital more widely in 2021. Photo: Trong Dat

In 2021, the Ministry of Information and Communications will implement the program to support digital transformation small and medium enterprises. This program will regularly evaluate efficiency, survey the needs of small and medium enterprises to continuously adjust and meet the set targets. This is also the year that Vietnam implemented open initiatives to develop and master digital technology set out in the Vietnam Open Summit 2020.

Each priority area for converting the number of countries will identify the important foundations for national construction and deployment. The core foundations for the digital economy and the digital society also need to be completed. It is a digital identity platform on mobile devices, e-commerce platform, logistics, and mobile money payment platform.

Only when each citizen will be identified, authenticated via mobile device, paid via mobile account, bought and sold online, the life of Vietnamese people in a digital environment will be fast and safer. This is also the most specific job to help people in rural and mountainous areas escape poverty.

According to the representative of the Department of Computerization, in 2021, each commune will universalize 1 digital service for the people. Only when online medical examination is more convenient and selling online is more profitable, people will explore to use and discover more digital services. This will be a way to popularize digital services for people in the coming time.

Trong Dat

Ministry of Information and Communications launches 38 Make in Vietnam platforms in 2020

Ministry of Information and Communications launches 38 Make in Vietnam platforms in 2020

Make in Vietnam platforms are important tools to help governments, businesses and citizens participate in digital transformation.


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