Impressed with Samsung’s series of high-end gaming monitors

The new Odyssey line of gaming monitors with the new Odyssey G3, G5, G7, G9 or Odyssey Neo G9 2021 is receiving a lot of positive feedback from gamers and experts.

Odyssey G3 and G5: Optimize gaming performance

The Odyssey G3 and G5 are for amateur or semi-professional gamers, with Odyssey-specific features. For example, the infinity screen design from the Odyssey G3 or the 1000R curvature screen of the Odyssey G5 helps to expand the gaming space, increasing visual effects.

These two monitors are also equipped with powerful gaming features from the company, such as 144Hz refresh rate to help set the correct speed when playing games. AMD FreeSync technology is also built-in to help synchronize the image processing speed of the monitor and discrete graphics card together, providing smooth and smooth gaming experiences for gamers.

The visibility on the Odyssey G5 gaming monitor is also a plus, with HDR10 technology for true color reproduction, enhanced frame depth.

Many options for the ultimate gaming monitor from Samsung

At Tech Awards 2020, Odysseys G5 also received the “Best Gaming Monitor” product award voted by readers in the Products I Love program.

Enhance the experience with the curved screen Odyssey G7 and G9

If gamers are aiming for 3D graphics games or specialized games that require high response speed, the Odyssey G7 or G9 series is the ideal choice. The screen refresh rate on the Odyssey G7 and G9 has been upgraded to a super speed of 240Hz RapidCurve, with a response time of only 1ms to help players always be ready to grasp the situation in a split second through each precise mouse movement. and each frame is clear, no ghosting. The HDR600 standard 3D graphic display can push the brightness to 600 nits, providing a different display experience in both light and deep blacks of space.

Impressed with Samsung's series of high-end gaming monitors
The Odyssey G9 curved screen is designed with a curvature of 1,000R, stretching the line of sight to the human eye.

In terms of design, the Odyssey G9 is inspired by a spaceship with a back panel that is a combination of cut lines, cubes and a bright core, while the G7 is likened to armor and weapons in games. Science Fiction.

New heights with Odyssey Neo G9

In 2021, Samsung brings users a new upgraded version called Odyssey Neo G9 – the most outstanding high-end gaming monitor, display and exclusive features of Samsung today.

Impressed with Samsung's series of high-end gaming monitors
The most professional gaming experience will not be complete without the “assistant” Odyssey Neo G9

The most special thing to mention is that the Odyssey Neo G9 is equipped with a high-end Mini-LED panel with quantum matrix technology that dramatically improves light coverage, deep blacks are expressed up to 4096 levels – high most today. Along with that is Quantum HDR2000 technology that helps push the brightness to 2000 nits, the contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1 helps every display shade from the darkest to the brightest to become detailed, vivid and attractive even in the dark. in the map or in the movies.

When the visual experience is taken care of in detail, the monitor truly becomes a powerful companion, giving you the edge before every match. The first can be mentioned Ray Tracing technology to help track down light sources in the game, reflect on surrounding objects, allowing gamers to easily track or detect hidden enemies, effectively supporting those who are fighting. match.

The duo of FreeSync Premium Pro and G-Sync Campatible technologies help synchronize images between the GPU and the screen, smooth reproduction of every battle movement, completely eliminating any possible tearing, stuttering and stuttering. Therefore, maximize the competitive advantage for players.

In the near future, the company will introduce a gaming contest and have the opportunity to receive many attractive prizes with the Odyssey Neo G9. Participants can create a video (longest 30s) or take a photo to post publicly with a valid share and hashtag on their personal Facebook. The contest will take place until 11:59 pm on Friday, December 10, 2021.

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